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HMS Pinafore

2015 HMS Pinafore DVD 15
2015 HMS Pinafore DVD 3
2015 HMS Pinafore DVD 2
2015 HMS Pinafore DVD 12
2015HMS Pinafore DVD 1
HMS Pinafore 2015 DVD 7

Production Team

Director: Cristi Lowis

Musical Director: Ty Lowe

Producer: Roger and Nancy Nelson

Director's Note

H.M.S. Pinafore is one of Gilbert and Sullivan's most popular and beloved musicals. So popular, in fact, that I believe at any given time, somewhere, some elementary school, church, community group, or professional theatre company is either auditioning, rehearsing, or performing this piece. Maybe I exaggerate, but it is, along with The Mikado and The Pirates of Penzance, one of "the big three" in the G&S canon. Perhaps part of its popularity is the music: there are exquisite solos, haunting duets, and rousing ensemble pieces. Perhaps it's because it is, after all, a love story. Perhaps it is due to the light-hearted lampooning of English society: class systems, patriotism, the successful promotion and admiration of woefully inadequate people. It also may be because of its downright silliness and implausibility. Don't even ask how old some of these characters are supposed to be in relation to one another. Just don't.

This production of Pinafore has stayed true to the original setting of 1878. No change of time or place was made. A cast of twelve talented and dedicated performers is supported by Ty and Konstantin at the piano. So sit back, relax, and let them take you back to the English seaside, where they will tell you a little story about a lass who loved a sailor...

Cristi Lowis

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