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The Mikado

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Production Team

Director: Matthew Bissett

Musical Director: Edette Gagne

Producer: Roger Nelson

Director's Notes

Welcome to Retro Ladies’ Night at the Mikado Sushi Bar and Grill Cabaret! Every year, the Mikado’s Titipu Room kicks off its spring season by allowing the bartenders and waitstaff to hire a pit orchestra and perform a crazy cabaret version of The Mikado, and then selling tickets to three tables of lucky Gilbert & Sullivan-loving ladies to enjoy the show and sing the role of the chorus.  This year, mostly because the staff here just won’t shut up about how much they love the TV show Mad Men, they’ve decided to go with a retro-1960’s aesthetic for their costuming.  Even our illustrious owner is likely to get in on the act if, as usual, he dons his tuxedo and drops by during the second half to sing the swingin’ Mikado, Sinatra-style!

But before we get underway, let me answer a few Frequently Asked Questions in a section of the Director’s Notes I like to call “FAQ”:

Q: Is it true that NSLOS didn’t have any men audition to be in the chorus this year and that the crazy Ladies’ Night theme is the result of trying to figure out how to still manage to produce the Mikado despite the lack of dudes?
A: Yup.

Q: Is it true that the superb Fraser Valley Gilbert and Sullivan Society is producing a very traditional version of the Mikado at the White Rock Playhouse just weeks from now and that trying something a little crazy that makes the participants laugh constantly in rehearsals seemed like a more interesting idea than just doing the show the way it has been done for over 125 years, particularly when FVGSS has got the traditional version well-covered?
A: Yup.

Q: Is it true that the performance on the night of Wednesday May 2 is actually a sing-along performance where all attendees are encouraged to join their voices to those of our lovely ladies of the chorus?
A: Yup.

And there you have it, questions answered! So sit back, relax, please ask your server about tonight’s specials - my tip, as always, try the veal - and have a drink before the show and a couple at intermission, because beverages are not only allowed in the theatre, but encouraged!

Who loves ya, baby...

Your Director, Matthew Bissett

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